Upcoming Events

Banaau plays The Burial

On 3rd September 2016 Banaau will perform live the full "The Burial" album. The five tracks (Prologue, Summer Surprised Us, What Are The Roots, Madame Sosostris, Unreal City) will be played in sequence. Banaau performance will close the music night that will see three bands on stage.
The lineup will see Andrea Massimo (Guitar & Vocals), Elton Novara (Guitar), Lino Cicala (Keyboards), Andrea Zani (Keyboards), Tony Alemanno (Bass), Matteo Paparazzo (Drums).
This event, starting at about 20:00, will be held in Bregnano (Co) - Italy, @ Red Queens Pub.
For more info visit the event on the Official Banaau Facebook Page or on the Hamelin Prog page.

Banaau Showcase at FIM 2016

Fiera Internazionale della Musica 2016 - Erba (Co) A "double event" will be held during the International Music Fair: at 13:00 Banaau will perform on the Main Stage playing the full "The Burial" album. Probably, Banaau will also present a sneak peek at a new musical project they are currently working on. At 15:45 there will be an interview with Banaau to hear directly from them about the band and their work; the interview will be held at "Casa Fim".
The International Music Fair will be held @ LarioFiere, Viale Resegone, Erba (Co)- Italy, from 9 to 11 September. Please visit the Official FIM page for info and tickets.