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the symphonic-prog musical project

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From Banaau to Hollowscene

During the course of 2018 we completed the transition from Banaau to Hollowscene. This is the new name that identifies our band. Our musical projects are going to be released under this new name. At the same time we decided to mantain our Banaau name and logo as a framework for future artistic and cultural projects that are not directly related to music. As a result of this the name of our Facebook page changed too, although the page address (as well as this website address) still refers to Banaau.

Hollowscene by Hollowscene

Hollowscene by Hollowscene - Black Widow Records After signing for Black Widow Records, on the 2nd of June 2018 our album Hollowscene (titled after the new band name) has been released in both digital and CD format. By the time you read this, there are already plenty of reviews around and all of them are very encouraging. read more...

Hollowscene at FIM 2018

This is the second time that our band performs at FIM, in 2016 and now in 2018. On this occasion we presented our concept Broken Coriolanus that constitutes the core of our new album Hollowscene published by Black Widow Records. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we weren't able to complete the concept and the last song had to be left out. It was nevertheless a very exciting performance! You can browse some pictures of our gig below:

Hollowscene "extended" Lineup

As of 2017 Hollowscene (former Banaau) lineup was further extended to include the Flute. This is played by Demetra Fogazza who already performed with us during the the "Prog Room" reharsal during winter 2017. This instrument featured prominently in older Banaau Black Widow record label compositions (such as "The Worm"), and has been included as a key element in the new songs that form the "Coriolanus" project.

Banaau at FIM 2016

The FIM is an international music exhibition held every year in Italy. In 2016 Banaau performed live the full "The Burial" album along with their brand new lineup featuring Andrea Massimo (guitar and vocals), Walter Kesten (guitar), Lino Cicala (keyboards), Andrea Zani (keyboards), Tony Alemanno (bass guitar), Matteo Paparazzo (drums). Click on the image below to open photo gallery, or read more...

The Burial Album

The Burial by Banaau At the end of 2015 Banaau released the album titled "The Burial". The album contains five track and is inspired by Part One of the Waste Land by T.S. Eliot. It can be purchased on CdBaby and all major digital stores. Check the following links to read reviews and learn more about the "making of" :
The Burial review on Progressivamente
In-depth analysis on Hamelin Prog

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Latest news from the band...

Hollowscene album and the Broken Coriolanus concept released
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Hollowscene album and the Broken Coriolanus concept

The Burial cover art... What's this?
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The Burial photo cover

Banaau Line-up
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Banaau Line-up

Banaau presentation video
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About Us

Hollowscene (former Banaau) is a progressive band from Italy. Its style can be classified as "symphonic prog" and shows influences by bands such as Genesis and Pink Floyd. Hollowscene music draws inspiration from American and British poets of the last centuries, building evocative soundscapes centered around famous and not-so-famous literary texts, breathing life into these words through a highly evocative sound...
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...Listening to your music... Dear Banaau, you are the companion of my trips by car. Thank you for the endless atmospheres and dimensions your music create, for the meticolous care and depth you put in every detail. I'm so happy to have you with me!
"What are the Roots" is a real plus! Spreading culture through art is an important step for intellectual growth. For this reason, every song you create is a contribution to changing our world.
Great genious!
It is exciting to see Banaau involved in such a big cultural project. In this project music joins effectively with other forms of art and culture. Really well done!
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