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Dropping Hollowscene

Year 2022 brought many changes. One of them was the decision to drop the name Hollowscene and return to our original name: Banaau. With a completely new line-up, it made little sense to remain faithful to the name under which we released the Hollowscene album. A new name also meant a new logo. The new one was crafted by our Sound Engineer Franscesca di Natale. We think it perfectly represent us.

Banaau at Poesia in Musica

Poesia in Musica 2023 In 2023 we attended the Poesia in Musica festival, performing our Broken Coriolanus concept, as well as tracks from The Burial, plus a new (and yet unpublished) one titled Zeus. This is going to be a yearly appointment, so we plan to meet you all again next year!

A new Line-up

Banaau features now an almost entirely new line-up, featuring Paolo Callioni (Vocals) Ketty Mancuso (Bass & Bass Pedal), Massimiliano Varotto (Drums), Francesca di Natale (Sound Engineer), as well as three of the original members: Andrea Massimo (Guitar), Lino Cicala (Keyboards), Demetra Fogazza (Backing Vocals, Flute, Cello). We also host several special guests in our gigs. Check our Bio for more details.

Hollowscene Album

Hollowscene by Hollowscene - Black Widow Records After signing for Black Widow Records, on the 2nd of June 2018 our album Hollowscene has been released in both digital and CD format. By the time you read this, there are already plenty of reviews around and all of them are very encouraging. It features the Broken Coriolanus concept, as well as two more tracks: The Worm and The Moon is Down (Gentle Giant cover). read more...

The Burial Album

The Burial by Banaau At the end of 2015 Banaau released the album titled "The Burial". The album contains five track and is inspired by Part One of the Waste Land by T.S. Eliot. It can be purchased on all major digital stores. Or you can listen to the tracks both on Amazon Music and Spotify. Check reviews on ProgArchives and Progressivamente

Performing at FIM

We performed at FIM twice, both as Banaau in 2016, and as Hollowscene in 2018. On this occasion we presented our concept Broken Coriolanus which constitutes the core of our album Hollowscene. You can browse some pictures of our gigs at FIM by clicking on the image below:

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Latest news from the band...

Hollowscene album and the Broken Coriolanus concept released
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Hollowscene album and the Broken Coriolanus concept

The Burial cover art... What's this?
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The Burial photo cover

Banaau Line-up
see detail

Banaau Line-up

Banaau presentation video
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About Us

Banaau is a progressive rock band from Italy. Its style can be classified as "symphonic prog" and shows influences by bands such as Genesis and Pink Floyd. Banaau's music draws inspiration from American and British poets of the last centuries, building evocative soundscapes centered around famous and not-so-famous literary texts, breathing life into these words through a highly evocative sound...
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...Listening to your music... Dear Banaau, you are the companion of my trips by car. Thank you for the endless atmospheres and dimensions your music create, for the meticolous care and depth you put in every detail. I'm so happy to have you with me!
"What are the Roots" is a real plus! Spreading culture through art is an important step for intellectual growth. For this reason, every song you create is a contribution to changing our world.
Great genious!
It is exciting to see Banaau involved in such a big cultural project. In this project music joins effectively with other forms of art and culture. Really well done!
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