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The Banaau Wall

Welcome to the Banaau Wall

The Banaau Wall is our little way to thank all the people who gave or are giving us help and support and shared with us the transition from Banaau to Hollowscene. There are really many people out there that believe that our project is something worth doing. Usually, when speaking of a band we put a lot of attention on who plays what, where the band will perform, how many albums has been released...
In short, we are focused on the band.
However, the band itself is only the most visible part of a whole. Behind every song, every gig, every record, there are many persons whose dedication is of uttermost importance. Some of them help us supporting our campaigns economically, some others help us doing practical things. Each of them is very precious to us and behind every name there is a face, a person, a story we like to remember and share.
You all are and will always be in hour hearts. Here are their names (in no special order):

(supporter & graphic designer)
Anna e Alessandro Vignati
Claudio P.
Roberto Ranzani
(supporter & photographer)
Mario Zannasanto
Lorenzo Abbona
(audio engineer)
Alice Mangano
(graphic artist & designer)
Manuel D.
Fausto Restelli
Andrea Piacentini
(graphic designer)
Valeria Mangano
Domenico Ammendola
(supporter & staff member)
Aldo Totaro
(light designer)
Silvia Cignoli
Vincenzo lo Sardo